Have a Product You Believe in? 4 Steps to Get It in Consumers’ Hands

Though it may seem like the most important step, developing a product is only half the battle to making it profitable and successful. The other half has to do with getting it into the hands of consumers at large. Unfortunately, this stage is where many entrepreneurs encounter difficulties. Here are four steps you need to…

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A Safe Bet: What Every Business Should Know before Contracting a Vendor

For many businesses, working with vendors is a necessity. It even has several advantages, such as allowing you to provide additional services to your customers. However, there is always a risk when working with a third party on business matters. There could be legal disputes, quality of work issues or other problems. So how can…

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Leadership Approaches: 5 Different Styles of Motivating Employees

Employees that are happy with their jobs are more motivated, and motivated and happy employees lead to an overall increase in productivity. Believe it or not, there is science to back up this slogan-like thinking from a recent, reputable study. In 2015, economists from the University of Warwick found that a 12 percent increase in…

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