Klik & Pay helps you to buy online with serenity


Account features

Features to facilitate monitoring and communication with merchants

Your Klik & Pay account is a tool for managing your internet payments to our affiliated merchants.

You can use your Klik & Pay account to 

  • Edit your contact details: Your password is personal and confidential. It must never be disclosed to third parties. Your Klik&Pay account is linked to an email address. The address that appears when you open the account is the one provided in your first Klik & Pay purchase, but you can change it if you wish.
  • Display all your payments through Klik & Pay during the last 6 months.
  • Find the contact details of the merchants to whom you have made payments.
  • View all your current subscriptions with one or more of our merchants.
  • Cancel one of these subscriptions - your merchant will be informed immediately.
  • View purchases involving payment in one or more instalments. The instalment due dates are displayed so you can plan your payments.
  • File a complaint and open a dispute if you do not manage to contact a merchant or you cannot resolve a dispute with a merchant.
  • Contact Us. Klik & Pay undertakes to reply to you within 4 days.