9 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Sites

Plugins are essential as they add more value to your website. If you are running a small business online, it helps make the buyers feel more comfortable in buying from you. They are given perks and other benefits.

For instance, you can use the Social Coupon Woocommerce. It provides them with an opportunity to get discounts by simply advertising your business using their social media accounts. In return, you also have the chance to get free advertisements. It is a win-win situation for you and your target customer.

Woocommerce Currency Converter is another option. This is perfect for those with businesses that are international in nature. This plugin allows them to check the price in their local currency instead of computing for the conversion rate.

Table Rate Shipping is also a great plugin. This helps buyers compute for the overall cost including the shipping fees. They don’t have to worry about spending more for shipping fee since they already have the exact amount in front of them. It varies depending on their location and the weight of the item to be shipped.

Consider these plugins once you have started your online business. They will make the process better for your buyers. Of course, you also get benefits from using them. Just make sure to not overwhelm the site with plugins or else the process would be slower. They don’t want to use a slow loading website.

To have an idea on what the best plugins are, check the infographic below. You may find some of them really interesting.