Alipay Online for all Klik & Pay merchants

Klik & Pay now allows you to offer your products and services to the 800 million people who own an Alipay wallet. With a Chinese majority, this clientele with high purchasing power is not only present in China but also on all continents.

By offering Alipay as a payment method, you give your e-commerce another dimension by offering the Chinese the possibility to pay directly with their own payment method.

The Chinese are increasingly opening up to international e-commerce and are fond of European products, clothing, cosmetics and tourism are at the top of the shopping list.

Alipay will be offered by default on the Klik & Pay payment page in addition to the traditional VISA and Mastercard payment methods and others that you may have subscribed to.

It should be noted that Alipay is 100% secure, so the risk of fraud is close to zero.

In concrete terms, from the end customer's point of view, once on the payment page, the user chooses Alipay and is redirected to his application where he makes his payment or scans the generated QR code.

2.95% + 0.3€ per transaction.

If this price was not compatible with your activity or if you did not wish to offer it, simply ask us to pick it up via a hotline in the sales department from the merchant back office.