Leadership Approaches: 5 Different Styles of Motivating Employees

Employees that are happy with their jobs are more motivated, and motivated and happy employees lead to an overall increase in productivity. Believe it or not, there is science to back up this slogan-like thinking from a recent, reputable study.

In 2015, economists from the University of Warwick found that a 12 percent increase in productivity was related to happiness, and the unhappy workers were 10 percent less productive. Aside from the results from the study, it can be perplexing to figure out how to motivate your staff and keep them feeling motivated daily in order to create business growth a strong workplace culture.

Fortunately, getting your staff motivated does not require an abundance of flare or large raises. As a business owner with a full schedule, you have a daily, underlying job of increasing productivity and maximizing revenue, which requires your employees to operate with as much efficiently as possible without you having to micromanage their happiness.

If you want to get off to a fast, profitable start to increasing productivity by using some different styles of employee motivation, then strongly consider using the methods below.

Communicate Better

Despite being busy running a business, you have to start scheduling some time to get to know your employees. If you are nothing more to them than a face on a memo or the name on the letterhead of their emails, they will have very little motivation to care about your goals because other than your name on the paycheck, there is no reason to care about you or your dreams.

The importance of communicating with the staff responsible for meeting your goals and making your dreams a reality is either not done enough or overlooked completely. In order to change all of it, you need to see them daily, and if you do not think it is possible, you better find a way to make it work.

You will want them to feel like they have more value to you because you frequently decide to come and see the hard work they do, communicate with them face-to-face, and remember their names and enough about them to ask about their life. Doing this will make them happier and motivate them to uplift you more than you can imagine.

The leadership workshops from the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness explore this same topic thoroughly, showing how leaders can improve their communication skills. In fact, better communication helps improve employee motivation and production levels because of its quick and enduring power.

A lot of information was included in this section because solid leadership has tremendous business potential. Also, getting to know and showing kindness to the people that work hard for you is the right thing to do.

Set an Appropriate Example at the Right Time

This is a quick and easy way to provide motivation to your employees. Also, it can be related to the suggestion of improving communication because you will be around your employees long enough to set a good example. Also, being an example can also mean being an emotional example.

For example, be there with your employees to show your enthusiasm about a new project's goals or the recent successes of your staff. They will quickly be on board with your excitement about the new goals, and they will be motivated to continue their successes in order to see their boss so happy and personally congratulating them. When it comes to a business, enthusiasm and motivation are highly contagious, especially if the boss is spreading it.

Provide Reasonable Opportunities to Empower Them

Allow your employees a bit more say in how they perform their jobs. A lot of your staff probably has some good ideas on how to increase the efficiency of their position or maybe even something better, but they might not want to overstep and offer the advice.

You can either start asking them when you implement your employee communication steps, or you start doing verbal and written employee reviews. Many workers will feel a great sense of motivation and empowerment if their suggestions or advice is implemented in the business. You can increase the feeling of empowerment and motivation by offering some authority for a good suggestion requiring some authority.

Offer a Variety of Incentive Boosters

One way to always provide motivational boosters is through a variety of incentives. Although financially based incentives work and are appreciated, these kind of motivational boosters do not have to be costly.

For example, you can provide incentives like movie or restaurant gift cards, a paid day off or other creative ways to show your appreciation while going about it frugally. Of course, it is hard to deny the motivational power an unexpected cash reward can produce.

It is easy to forget other key roles motivation plays. It is important to remember that motivating your staff with these tips will also help keep your top employees. Additionally, failing to put these motivational tips and others into action will produce something you do not want, which is a high turnover of promising, experienced and extraordinary employees. If you do start putting these suggestions into action, you will see the dividends.

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