Not Getting New Traffic? Simple and Easy Ways to Market Online

If you are not getting the traffic you want to your website, then you may need to do some changing in the way that you engage with your customers. Getting organic traffic from Google is more complicated than it was when there were 10 organic listings on Google's search engine result pages and nothing else. Here are some tips that you can use to market online.

Create a Blog

Posting high-quality content on a blog linked to your website can help with your SEO strategy. It will also allow you an opportunity to further explain your product or business to your potential clients. Writing with your own voice could also make your business feel more personal and authentic. These days, those are some characteristics that attract clients the most. Writing about your products or business allows you to establish your expertise and authority over the industry.

Claim Your Google My Business 

If you have not already done so, then be sure to claim your Google My Business listing. Then, your Google My Business listing will appear when someone enters your company name into the search engine. Carefully fill out your company description so that Google knows what type of business you are in. Take it to the next level by recruiting good reviews on Google as this will also be prominently displayed. Then, Google may even choose your company to appear in local packs.

Custom App

Constructing a custom app allows you to interact with your customers in ways that you cannot do presently. It is also a great way to collect data for your sales crew. You can monetize the app allowing customers to click on one button to connect to your website. If you have a great app created, then people will want to share it with their friends getting your name before new customers who do not even know that you exist yet.

Use Social Media

About 20 percent of all pages viewed on the internet is on Facebook. It is a powerful tool in allowing you to connect with more people than you may otherwise be able to. However, it is not the only social media platform you should focus your attention to. Instagram is the fastest growing social media site in the world. There is an increasing amount of influencers on Instagram who you can recruit to promote your business or product to reach an even larger audience. Many of these influencers have around 1 million followers. More young people are also using SnapChat and Whatsapp to connect with people. Therefore, you need to know where your targeted audience is likely to hang out and be found there.

Industry Journals

People want to do business with professionals in their field. One of the best ways to prove that you are a trustworthy business is to get your content published in a trade journal. You may also want to volunteer to serve as a volunteer expert for the local media if you operate a local business.

Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to market your products online. The result is that you will spend less overall while watching your profits grow. You may even quit wishing that your site was placing higher on Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing might seem like a thing of the past, but it is still a useful tool in reaching potential customers. You can allow anyone to sign up for your email list and send out regular emails about promotions or new products. You can use an attention grabbing subject line to attract people to click on the email for more information. Once they are interested, they are more likely to follow with an action and become a customer.

Create Your Business Brand

Everyone is putting an emphasis on creating a company brand these days. Having a brand will allow you to stand out to your potential clients. Establishing your brand will allow you to do consistent marketing across several platforms. Consistency and repetition affect a person’s ability to remember your company and catch their interest. A brand will also allow you to personalize the way others see your business. You may choose to focus on a specific aspect of your business you think is the most important.


There are several aspects of SEO you can incorporate to increase traffic to your website and recognition with Google. SEO can become a complicated process for some, but the return on investment is huge. There are online resources to help you learn about how to implement SEO for your website or even services you may hire to do the work for you.


Overall, marketing your business online is crucial in our market right now. People are turning to the internet to find businesses more and more. You can use any or all of these steps to increase traffic to your website or business.


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