Top 10 Magento Extension For Your E-commerce Store In 2017

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms that offer a comprehensive coverage of business functionality. Though the basic setup often does not provide the tools required to meet the challenges in business, one needs to be dependent on the extensions. Thankfully, is also the largest marketplace of extensions.

Using those extensions can help to manage the operations in a much better and productive way. With that in mind, we present the top 10 Magento extensions that you ought to have for your e-commerce store in 2017.

 1- Magento WordPress integration

This Magento extension is by far the most popular among all the others. Reason being, it is easy to install and to integrate the WordPress blog with Magento store. Unlike others, this integration does not require any core Magento or WordPress file modification. On the contrary, it supports a wide range of WordPress plug-in integrations. One of the other great benefits of using this extension is that it allows its user to use their Magento theme for the WordPress blog as well.

2- AEO scheduler

AEO scheduler, as the name suggests, is an extension that allows its users to schedule tasks with two blackened controllers. Therefore, for a better visibility, they are displayed in grids. By scanning all the available tasks at hand it shows the tasks that can be scheduled. Whereas the scheduled tasks not just only show the one scheduled for in the near future, but also the one executed in the past. In this manner, AEO scheduler extension provides a clean way to see what exactly is going on in the background.

3- Magento one page checkout

If to be left on default, Magento set six different steps to complete the checkout for the goods a customer is buying. Well, as according to most of the customers there is nothing more annoying than going through a long procedure just to check out. Therefore, this is where the one-page checkout extension can be used to simplify the process to just a single step. Sounds convenient already, doesn’t it? The extension also comes with an auto-complete feature that automatically fills the checkout for the customer.

4- Yotpo, The review enhancement extension

Though the rate at which people have started to spend online has drastically increased in the past few years. Yet trusting a seller that one hasn't seen in person is an issue that people are still trying to deal with. In cases like this, the customers usually fall back on the reviews from the other buyers to determine their purchase decision. Yotpo thus works to improve the Magento review facility by allowing to email recent purchasers to encourage a review and thoughts about their purchase.

5- Springbot

If you are looking for a Magento extension that can streamline the process of automating, analyzing, and personalizing the store's marketing campaigns just through one platform, then your search ends here. To get started with the springboard extension is astonishingly easy. It connects to the store and with just one click installation and their in-house Magento experts begin syncing the store with enhanced demographic data. This then further provides a deeper insight into the customer's age, gender, income, etc.

6- Magento multivendor extension

The Magento multivendor extension is a simple yet a powerful multiple vendor solution built on Magento. By installing this one add-on, it gives its user the opportunity to either create or change the existing e-commerce functionality of the Magento into a full-fledged multi-seller marketplace like Amazon, etc. The working of the Magento multivendor extension is pretty much simpler, as it allows the vendors to create products from their special dashboard with various other options and features to be utilized. However, one of the best things about this extension is that its customers can easily buy from any number of vendors at a time.

7- Zendesk, The customer service aggregator

Keeping the customer satisfied overall is as important as having new customers on the other end. To do just that Zendesk, a customer service aggregator is far more than helpful. It is basically a cloud-based customer support software that helps to manage the customer support issue. The task of  helping the customers begin with efficiently creating support tickets right from the Magento store itself. Those tickets are then displayed and filtered based on the relevance and use. Thus keeping the support clean and in order.

8- Bronto

Bronto is one of the highest converting sales channels for e-commerce thus, an extension you just can’t do without. It basically imports all the customer order history and product details that help to create a highly targeted shopper and customer segments. This, in turn, helps the businesses to send out product recommendation, re-order reminders, cart abandonment emails, and transactional emails creating a targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns. But, in order to get the most out of it one definitely needs to be focused and more strategic in nature.

9- Daily deal / Multiple deal advanced extension

In the past few years, the trend of daily deals has emerged as a game changer for the e-commerce stores. So, if you already own an e-commerce store or are planning to have one, this is an extension that will help to add zeal to your website and make it more attractive as well as interactive. This extends not just only integrates with a limited time deal feature, but it will also allow the user to easily create and manage the deals for one or more than one products altogether. Opting for this extension is one of the best ways to attract visitors and motivate them to buy from the store as soon as possible.

10- Dot mailer

Dot mailer is a must have incredibly user-friendly email and multi-channel marketing platform. This Magento extension works to sync all the visitors as well as the customer’s data that includes the wish list, order data, cart contents, and even their browsing behavior. It also offers another great feature of dynamic, personalized email content that enables the owner to provide relevant products and information to its customers. To avail these benefits all one needs is a dot mailer account and a license to use this extension.

In order to reap benefits from the drastically growing e-commerce industry, the e-entrepreneurs from time to time need to upgrade the business. These extensions, thus play an important role in doing so. Because they give an opportunity to add spark to the web store and succeed more than wished for.

Author Bio:

Himani Mahajan, an avid web  developer is trying to take advantage of the technical knowledge she has to help people gain a foothold in the digitized world. Read her views on web and app development, the latest being Magento Extension development.