Is Your Business Ready to Engage with Customers

Is Your Business Ready to Engage with Customers?

You’ve created your website. Gone over your business plan. Your e-commerce company is up and running (finally!)…only nothing’s happening. Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you’re not going to last long. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are ready to deliver what your customers need.…

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CRM and ecommerce

6 Benefits of CRM for Your Ecommerce

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the biggest digital marketing innovations of recent years. Both companies and ecommerce service providers are expected to reach out to their audiences and offer them extra incentive for engagement. However, depending on your business’ size, budget and scaling, you might not have enough resources to afford CRM software…

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5 Ways Small eCommerce Brands Can Compete with eCommerce Giants

There are two ways you can survive the online marketplace competition, first by building your own brand and second is by taking advantage of the existing brand. If you are a small online retailer, you have a choice though, but the wisest decision would be rather than taking sides, pick both. The term that fits…

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Why a Phone System is Necessary to Master eCommerce Sales ?

Why a phone system is necessary to master ecommerce sales ?

Just like with any type of business, it’s often the small details that really move the needle in terms of getting results. Have a professional email address with your domain name rather than a generic Gmail one. Offer a money-back guarantee.Give customers free shipping. One small detail that can have a huge impact is having…

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How to Develop Mobile Marketing Strategy for Small eCommerce Websites

Apple and Samsung waged a legal war amidst continuous intergalactic battles of smartphones and tablets. Android is now the king of the world. The PC has been demoted as an ancient relic, dethroned by mobile devices. More and more people are accessing (and sharing) information on the go and becoming mobile, aptly depicted in this…

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8 Deadly Sins of eCommerce CRO Every Marketer Needs to Avoid

If you’re an owner of an eCommerce business, you probably know how important Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is. And you must be constantly looking for ways to increase it (who isn’t, right?) One of the ways to achieve this goal is to listen to CRO experts who propose various strategies and tools to deliver a…

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Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for Customer Checkout Efficiency.

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for Customer Checkout Efficiency

It’s frustrating: you put all this time and attention into building a sleek and sexy ecommerce site to sell products…only you don’t see the conversion you’d like. What gives? You spent good money on this site, so why aren’t people buying? It very well could be that your checkout process is what’s keeping people from…

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13 things you need to know about freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is one of the most popular methods of international transport, not only for business but for personal use, too. Freight forwarding companies, like the International Logistics Centre, are in charge of coordinating the shipment of goods between two destinations. In order to do this, they use a range of carriers, including air freight,…

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Customer support

Why Investing in Customer Support is a Must in a Modern-Day Business

Nowadays, being a high-demand in a modern-day business world is very difficult. Business is very competitive today, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking new ways to attract more customers and more importantly – make them stay. Businesses are ready to invest a lot of money to get their service as perfect as it can be and to…

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machine learning for ecommerce

Role of Machine Learning for E commerce Industry

You’ve heard the well-established aphorism “time is money”. In any case, how would we get a greater amount of it? Obtaining additional time requires more productivity — which quite often includes some significant pitfalls. Exercises like stock research and reaching estimating technique improvement are tedious and now and again require an information researcher. Fortunately, machine…

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