Alipay Online for all Klik & Pay merchants

Klik & Pay now allows you to offer your products and services to the 800 million people who own an Alipay wallet. With a Chinese majority, this clientele with high purchasing power is not only present in China but also on all continents. By offering Alipay as a payment method, you give your e-commerce another…

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Revealing A List Of Pros And Cons Of Bitcoins!

A worldwide-accepted medium of exchange has always been a pipe dream. In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced, and it has now surpassed the market price of gold. Currently, its exchange rate with the point is around one Bitcoin to three hundred pounds. As a result, several individuals and companies have started buying up Bitcoins for the…

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The trends taking digital wallets global

Technology is changing our relationship with money. Studies have shown that digital wallets are the preferred method for transferring money for 57% of the U.S. population, with over 60 million American adults reaching for their smartphone rather than their wallets. When it comes to international payments however, cash is still king. Despite this, the introduction…

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Klik & Pay integrates Alipay into its payment methods

Alipay is China’s favorite online payment method, with more than 450 million active users and more than 100 million daily transactions. At the beginning, designed as a wallet, Alipay is also a mobile application that allows users to carry out their transaction via their mobile phone. Chinese users are particularly fond of high-end products and…

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