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CYBERservices SA
Jordils Park
Rue des Jordils 40
CH-1025 Saint Sulpice

RC : CH-550.1.005.955-4

Publication manager: Daniel P. GEORGES – group chairman
Contact : +41 21 695 6003

CYBERservices EUROPE SA, Luxembourg - CYBERservices France SAS - CYBERservices ASIA, Maurice and Klik and Pay LLC, Washington are subsidiaries of CYBERservices SA Switzerland.

Regulated institutions

CYBERservices SA is a Swiss law financial institution for  electronic money, affiliated to a self-regulatory body, authorized by the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Alongside CYBERservice, the self-regulatory body, PolyReg carries out legal surveillance and monitoring tasks, instructed by the law.

CYBERservices EUROPE SA is a Payment Service Provider, authorized and registered in Luxembourg with the CSSF under number 15/14 and operates in Europe under conditions of freedom to provide services.

CYBERservices ASIA Ltd is a e-money institution registered in Mauritius with the FSC under number C111010264 Code FS/4.1 and FS-2.9.

Klik and Pay LLC proposes Payment Services in the US in agreement with the regulatory FINCEN requirements.

CYBERservices FRANCE SAS is a commercial institution.

Personal information and confidentiality

All information collected by CYBERservices is retained strictly for CYBERservices Klik & Pay purposes only. The user has a right to access, correct and remove personal details supplied to CYBERservices SA and any company group for the purpose of said bodies effectively fulfilling their relevant duty.

Intellectual property

Any text, images, expertise, programmes and software, as well as any other element comprising and its extensions are the exclusive property of CYBERservices SA, and are protected by copyright.

Any complete or partial reproduction of the above elements, in any form or by any means, without express authorisation from CYBERservices SA is therefore forbidden and will be considered an act of counterfeiting.
The brands, commercial names and logos that appear on this website and its extensions are brands designed by CYBERservices SA and are protected by copyright.