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Dispute management

Do you have a disagreement with a Klik & Pay-affiliated merchant from whom you made a purchase?
Our free dispute management service can help.
An order that never arrived or was damaged during shipment or was not the product requested…

Klik & Pay's expertise will make your disputes easier to resolve.

What role does our service play?

Our role during a dispute between a customer and a merchant is to ensure the free flow of information between the parties.  But that's not all we do.  Indeed, once a consumer requests our assistance, Klik&Pay provides its experience and knowledge of the regulations governing e-commerce, to help the parties resolve the dispute in accordance with the rights and interests of each party.

For issues relating to after-sales or guarantee or in the very specific case of business disputes, Klik & Pay will ensure that the merchant is made aware of the request and that it responds properly and promptly.  Failing which Klik & Pay will make contact with the merchant to remind it about good practice in internet sales and shall inform the customer and the merchant of their rights and obligations.

When is it best to call on our dispute resolution services?

At the first stage, we recommend that you contact the merchant to inform them of the problem and ask them to resolve it. However,

  • if the merchant, having been contacted, fails to reply to your emails,
  • the merchant's email address is invalid,
  • the merchant's suggestion for resolution of the dispute is not satisfactory

In this case, you should not hesitate to contact us.

Management and monitoring of the dispute.

Filing a complaint

To open a complaint file you need to access your Klik & Pay account, select the transaction subject to dispute and file a complaint in the field provided when you "query" the transaction. You must specify if your complaint is about payment or delivery.

Monitoring a complaint

If you selected "payment" as the reason for the complaint, your request is sent directly to Klik & Pay and we will respond, where possible, within the same day. If you selected "Delivery", your request is sent to the merchant. Klik & Pay, having simultaneously been informed of your request, will ensure that the merchant answers within a reasonable time. Otherwise, Klik & Pay will approach the merchant to reach a resolution to the dispute as quickly as possible and in the best interests of the parties.

Case closure

The case can be closed by you if you inform us that the dispute has been resolved; or by Klik & Pay if the information provided has led to a definitive resolution of the dispute by agreement between the parties; or, automatically, if you have not filed a new request 180 days following the transaction date.