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Our commitments

Klik & Pay guarantees the following


Klik & Pay is a financial institution monitored by the financial authorities. Klik & Pay's services therefore mean it needs to hold confidential information  about you.  This information is the contact details you provided on the e-merchant's site and information relating to the payment method you chose.  CYBERservices acts in accordance with data protection laws. . So, the information provided is used only to guarantee the identities of merchants and buyers.

You can ask for your account to be disabled at any time. All confidential data will be deleted except for information that Klik & Pay is required to retain under laws on money laundering and terrorism financing. Moreover CYBERservices undertakes never to disclose any of your details to third parties.

Satisfaction surveys

Beyond its primary function of enabling customers to pay online through the websites of our affiliated merchants, Klik & Pay also undertakes to mobilize all of the resources at its disposal to ensure that no affiliated merchants use its payment platform to the detriment of the customers. So, Klik & Pay sometimes carries out consumer surveys to ensure that merchants deal properly with orders placed by customers.  Merchants must immediately take any corrective measures required by the survey or they will be banned from the platform.