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Payment in several instalments

For large amounts, if you want to reduce the amount your client has to pay at once, following an initial instalment, the amount can be automatically divided into 2, 3, 4 or 5 instalments.

Description of payment process
After the first instalment has been paid, each instalment is automatically debited without any intervention from the merchant or client. You can combine a direct payment and the first instalment of a payment made in several instalments on the same site.


The + Klik & Pay
If a payment is refused, Klik & Pay will send a new payment request 8 days later.  If this payment is also refused, the client will receive an email containing a payment link, asking them to set up their payments using one of the payment methods activated on their account. Even if one of the instalments is refused by the bank, Klik & Pay will still continue to debit the other amounts. The list of missed instalments and relevant client details are available in the back-office, so that you can recover the amounts.

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