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Klik & Pay prioritizes the security of its online transactions

Above all, note that using a bank debit card is rarely as secure as when using online payment systems which incorporate the most efficient data encryption technology and provide technical features similar to those offered by Klik & Pay.

Indeed, your bank details are not encrypted when you pay a restaurant bill, use your card in a shop or communicate them over the phone for a remote purchase.

We offer an unconditional commitment in this area

Our payment platform in  Gateway Server mode, with an authentication certificate, is designed to  combat fraud, and  confidential data are stored, at a minimum, in compliance with the authorizations imposed by those issuing payment instruments and under a data encryption protocol that guarantees you full confidentiality and security in the exchange of information.

Accordingly, when transferring your bank details on our payment pages, your browser switches to a new window whose address starts with: "https://www…. instead of http://www…. and a closed lock appears in your browser. In addition, the address of the payment pages will appear in green. You can click on the lock to view all the information about the security certificate.

Moreover, Klik & Pay complies with the recent Visa and MasterCard PCI DSS standards for meeting the 15 requirements which are the security benchmark in respect of the integrity, traceability and confidentiality of exchanges, storage and access to sensitive data.

Klik & Pay's servers comply with the ISO 27001 standard and are tested daily to ensure effective protection against intrusion attempts.

International standard ISO 27001 specifies an Information Security Management System (ISMS).