Each e-commerce business is different, and we are too!

Service solutions

Every e-commerce business has a different approach and faces different challenges, depending on its size, volume of business, client typology and products.

Our teams’ expertise

Fraud analysis

Based on international database queries and an analysis of clients’ behaviour on the platform, the rating attributed to each transaction is based on an algorithm that has continued to evolve over the last 15 years.

Charge back management

The 3-D Secure payment method is a Visa and MasterCard anti-fraud protocol, designed to protect you against repudiation. For transactions that do not benefit from this protection, our customer service team will put together a file against unjustified repudiation in the event of a dispute.

Tailored development solutions

Our technical support team will help you to install Klik & Pay on your website, and will be available to respond to any questions you may have all the way through our collaborative partnership.

For any specific needs, you can contact us and our teams will analyse your need so that we can give you a quick response.

Litigation management

Sometimes your clients may have questions about their rights regarding disputes. Our multilingual customer service team will respond to all their questions before the client decides to file a claim against you.

Technology for your services

Payment pages

You can host your payment page, or it can be set up in server/server mode or hybrid mode using tokenization, so that you do not need to have PCI/DSS certification for your server.

Active feedback

Feedback URLs are generated for accepted or refused transactions. Interpreted by your server, you can use them for a whole host of applications.

Secure servers

Klik & Pay conforms to recent Visa and MasterCard PCI DSS standards, in order to fulfil the 15 requirements that make up the security reference, regarding integrity, traceability and confidentiality of exchanges, storage and access to sensitive information.


Our Gateway Server payment platform with certified authentication is designed to combat fraud. Transactions are encrypted in line with the very best protocols, ensuring complete security against all fraudulent activity.


Friendly and efficient back-office for easy everyday management.

The quality of the back-office is an important criterion to consider when selecting a secure payment solution. It is actually this interface that you and your collaborators will use on a daily basis to receive, update and manage payments economically and securely.

User accounts

Secure transactions

Payment terminal


Operation management

Push alerts