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Subscription payments

Payment instalments are at regular, configurable intervals; either in days, weeks or months. With a trial period you can offer your clients greater flexibility.

Subscription payments

Description of the payment process
The merchant can offer a trial period or payment instalments. The subscription can either be unlimited or it can have an expiration date. You can, of course, have numerous subscription options on one site. You can even combine a direct payment and the first instalment of a subscription.


The + Klik & Pay
As with payments split up into several instalments, any refused payment will be requested for a second time 8 days later, and if this payment is also refused, the client will be asked via email to set up their subscription with another payment mean. Following another payment refusal, the merchant is immediately alerted, who can then contact the client or cancel the subscription. A list of subscriptions suspended for this reason, along with a list of the relevant client details will be visible in the back-office.

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